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Upcoming Courses by Castille Institute for Q2

almost 4 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson

Castille Institute, a well-established leader within the financial services and tech education sector continues to provide a good selection of local and foreign speakers, to run courses on a number of topics including Compliance, EU Law and Forex Trading to name a few.



Starting in April, Adrian Cutajar will deliver a course on Directors - Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities on the 12 April 2018.  The training programme focuses on the office of director, the obligations that arise from such a position and potential liabilities of directors of Maltese companies. It outlines the main challenges faced by directors in the boardroom and how these challenges ought to be tackled. 

Geert Vermeulen will deliver a Compliance, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Training on the 25 April 2018.  During this programme one will learn how to set up an effective ethics and compliance program in general and an anti-corruption program in specific.

Adrian Cutajar will furthermore deliver The Role of the Company Secretary on the 24 May 2018.  The programme offers an introduction to the core duties of the Company Secretary and is ideal for anyone new to the role or who would like a refresher on the main duties. It explains the events that give rise to a need for some sort of company secretarial action whilst providing company secretaries with the basic tools to ensure that their organisations remain compliant. 



In May we will also see Stefan-John Berry deliver a 2-part course on EU Law – Essentials and Basics on Financial Services scheduled on the 29 May and 14 June 2018.  This course will provide an insight to European Union legislation and its importance to the FinServ industries throughout the EU Member States and others who participate (directly or indirectly) in EU financial markets (RegTech, FinTech, InsurTech, Big Data intermediaries).

Adam Karl Farrugia will be covering Banks – ICAAP, Leverage and Capital Management on the 30 May 2018.  The seminar will cover various aspects including the calculation of pillar 1 risks, a thorough understanding of ICAAP and the modelling of pillar II risks.  It will also discuss stress testing, following the EBA stress testing methodologies.



Come June, Michel Said will be delivering an interesting session on Building Culture and Business Awareness in the Middle East on the 13 June 2018.  The course will capture the integrative nature of compliance in the overall corporate governance structure, that is, the emerging field that focuses on the use of social science concepts in psychology and economics influencing behaviour build upon integrity and values, a deep and broad path to development of a corporate compliance culture, the challenge of communication and organizational behaviour, and guidance in how to address internal politics as well as how to communicate and report effectively within an Islamic Finance landscape.

On the 20 June 2018 one will have the opportunity to see Robert Ancilleri going through Basel III – Regulatory Amendments.  Apart from analysing the amendments which took place in December 2017, the seminar will also cover the potential impact that amendments may have on the EU banking sector and the wider economy, as well as possible implementation challenges.

Last but not least Michel Said will also be delivering a 4-part course on Advanced Forex Trading between the 19 June and 10 July 2018.  The agenda for this course will offer delegates a thorough practical understanding and solid technical coverage of the workings of the forex market.



Would you like to keep yourself up-to-date with upcoming courses?  Check our learning page on www.castilleinstitute.com or send us an email on institute@castilleresources.com to be included in our weekly newsletter distribution. You can also contact us on 20933280. 

A discounted price is available for students.  Booking is subject to availability and on presentation of a valid student card.