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May Courses by Castille Institute

almost 4 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson
Castille Institute May

Castille Institute will be running the following courses in May 2018.

The Role of the Company Secretary

24 May 2018

This one-day course offers an introduction to the core duties of the Company Secretary and is ideal for anyone new to the role or who would like a refresher on the main duties. It explains the events that give rise to a need for some sort of company secretarial action whilst providing company secretaries with the basic tools to ensure that their organisations remain compliant. The course includes some interactive case studies designed to reinforce key topics addressed throughout the day and to illustrate how to make use of the comprehensive practical guidance in the course notes. 

The Role of the Company Secretary will be delivered by Adrian Cutajar, a Maltese lawyer by profession focusing extensively on corporate law, regulatory and compliance matters. He acts as compliance officer and company secretary for licence holders authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as well as international groups established in Malta. He also acted as company secretary of Global Capital plc., a financial services group (including its Maltese regulated subsidiaries), listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. Adrian holds a doctorate in laws from the University of Malta and a specialisation, at Masters Level, in financial services.


EU Law - Essentials and Basics on Financial Services

29 May 2018

EU legislation is of paramount importance to the Finserv Industries throughout the EU Member States and others who participate (directly or indirectly) in EU financial markets.  Indeed, the majority of all policy making regarding the regulation of banks, insurance companies, investment services firms and a wide range of other financial institutions, financial market activities and financial market infrastructure in the EU is now made at EU Level.  It is essential for those participating and, more especially, advising financial institutions to have a good working knowledge of the processes by which EU evolved, how it affects those institutions, activities and the general market infrastructure.  

EU Law - Essentials will be delivered by Dr Stefan Berry, a lawyer with a postgraduate specialisation in EU Commercial Law.  Stefan is also involved in providing advisory services on Internal Controls for FinServ and FinTech licenced entities.  He also coaches newly appointed and established Non-Executive Directors, who function on licenced and listed entities, and serves as a Board Member and General Secretary to both  the Malta Association of Compliance Officers (MACO) and the Financial Institutions Malta Association (FIMA).

EU Law - Basics on Financial Services (2nd part of a 2-part series) will take place on the 14 June 2018.


Banks' ICAAP, Leverage and Capital Management

30 May 2018

This module will explore the evolution of the Basel rules so as to help the audience understand the concepts in relation to the changes incurred in the banking industry, particularly in capital management.  The seminar will cover various aspects such as the calculation of pillar I risks, a thorough understanding of ICAAP and the modelling of pillar II risks.  The course will also discuss stress testing, following the EBA stress testing methodologies.  

Banks' ICAAP, Leverage and Capital Management will be delivered by Adam Karl Farrugia, a manager at Deloitte within the risk advisory team.  His previous employment included managing the risk department as the head of risk of a Maltese Bank where his main contributions included the creation of risk models, quantification and monitoring of risk and the creation and coordination of the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP), the Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP) and the Recovery Plan.  Adam is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.  Adam holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Banking and Finance, an MSC (Finance) from Trinity College in Dublin and is RIMAP Certified. 

For further information or to book a seat contact Castille Institute on 20933280 or send us an email on institute@castilleresources.com.