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Credorax Employer Branding

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti

Through the growth in technology particularly over the last decade, the financial services sector of the 21st century has expanded through the emerging of Fintech (financial-technology), a term within the industry which refers to the back-end affairs of consumer and trade financial organisations. Through the revolution of the internet, financial technology has rapidly grown to affect the ways in which business and consumer transactions are conducted, also branching out to not only commercial, but also personal finance.

Fintech is indeed the next generation of banking, and this would make sense considering the way that the internet is continuously shaping our lives. Banks across the world are expecting a significant growth in the usage of mobile phones to access finance-related information, therefore designing the accessibility of their products and services with the aim of strengthening customer engagement (also an issue in today’s fast-paced life) via web-based platforms on mobile.

“The world is currently going through one of the biggest transformations in financial history - the bankers of the future will be very different from the bankers of today."

That being said, Fintech may be seen as either disrupting or enhancing the financial sectors of the world, but in whichever way it is seen one thing remains certain - it is revolutionising the way that financial institutions operate. Due to this, organisations such as Credorax realised the opportunity to dive into the growing world of Fintech, adopting methods to offer efficient financial services to its customers. Credorax Malta’s employees recognise the significance that the company offers, and that by paring high tech with banking they may offer well-organised banking and payment solutions.

Credorax Malta is a payment-services company which paved the way forward for Fintech-related operations in Malta. It is a fast-growing company, working to optimise user experience and security for online financial transactions.

“We’re a high-tech company, that is also a bank - we take traditional banking processes and merge them with state of the art solutions to our clients”

The company is aware of its high level of responsibility over its customers, however still adopts a fun working atmosphere to ensure employee satisfaction and ease both in and out of the workplace. Working at Credorax Malta offers new and ever-changing developments in the Fintech industry, and its employees embrace the obstacles which lay ahead, since after all, overcoming such challenges with suitable solutions is what creates internal growth and improvement.

Credorax Malta’s employees are a well-bound community who drive towards success and support one another’s abilities within the company - even joining as a junior officer, Credorax Malta will facilitate and nurture your growth in terms of talent and potential.

“Credorax inspired me - I was given all the support I needed when I was a student here - I was given the opportunity to grow.”

“What I love are the challenges, as well as having some of the best colleagues in the entire world - Your colleagues will soon become some of your closest friends!”

No two days at the office are ever the same, new ideas and concerns revolving around the broadening of Fintech create a work environment which takes on various confrontations within the industry, making employees come across something different every day.

“Most importantly - we believe in having fun!”

Credorax Malta not only inspires its employees to succeed in their careers, but also in other areas of their lives. The philosophy of fun is evident and allows everyone in the company to benefit - happy employees contribute to higher levels of creativity and productivity, two skills which are necessary in reaching great heights in the fastest-growing industry in the world today.

Head over to the Credorax profile to view any opportunities available and more about the company.