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Need Extra Help? Hire an Intern!

over 3 years ago by Claire Darmanin
Castille Internship Program

Talented students are looking for opportunities to enhance and apply  what they learn in their academic setting by working in an organisation.  We can help you in sourcing the most talented candidates.

Recommended Talent

Castille will assess interns based on their soft skills and grades when compared to the company's jobdescription.

Areas of Expertise

Tech, Accountancy, Marketing, Finance, Legal and Banking

Future Employees

Most students are available long term, so why not take the opportunity to assess them and maybe offer them a full time placement once they graduate?

A detailed job description will help up promote your internship in an efficient and professional way.

Interested in recruiting interns?

Contact us on intern@castilleresources.comand let us help you find the ideal cadidate to join your company.