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Ferratum People - Meet Peter

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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Peter Lu was working as a part time sushi cook while he was completing his Master’s. Although Peter is aware that some people may think of it as just a job to make some money, he took it more seriously than that. Clearly, it was passion which made the difference for Peter, since what started out as a part time job turned into a devotion. Peter began to enjoy the work he was doing, so much so that the pride he took in his work resulted in him working with some of the top restaurants in town - a true example of his opening statement, that by taking things seriously and giving your all to the task at hand, along with the right attitude and positive mind set, great things can be achieved.

“ Attitude - not only in life itself, but how seriously you take things and give your efforts. ”

Peter opted not to go along with that career in the end since he decided to work in Digital Marketing instead, however he acknowledged an important fact through his personal experience; that in spite of not choosing to proceed with his job as a sushi cook, he very easily could have. Due to his commitment and love for the job he was doing, Peter allowed himself to keep his options open and ready himself for any opportunity coming his way. He did not restrict himself to just one path, but gave himself the comfort of choosing the direction which was best for him. On a micro-level, Peter works hard to develop himself, whilst on a macro-level he looks back with a sense of well-deserved success.

Peter’s philosophy may be a straightforward one on paper, but a more challenging one in practice, but the reality that Peter recognises is a simple one - that you get out of life that which you put into it. Despite being open-minded to new opportunities, Peter is also dedicated to the task at hand. His efforts prove rewarding, as should be in any line of career, and due to his passion for the work he does, his work-life balance may seem to be one in the same. Passion is his fuel - enabling him to be devoted to that which he loves doing and being rewarded by it not only in the short term, but also in the long term through the fulfilment he receives when his efforts pay off.

Peter openly shares with us his values - that by being dedicated and passionate about what you do, you will be able to better prepare yourself for new opportunities  that may come your way. This positive mind set helps Peter make the most out of his daily life by enjoying each moment and also working to continuously improve himself.

“ I think whatever you decide to do, you need to give your full effort and do it well, you never know when your next opportunity may arise! ”

Peter strongly believes that the values Ferratum stand for resonate effectively with his own. Ferratum’s sense of professionalism through continuous learning and personal development, as well as taking responsibility for one’s actions and having passion for what you do are attributes which determine one’s career and life growth - essential to achieving a state of fulfilment.