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4 days to go .... Fintech for Non-IT Professionals (12 and 13 March 2018)

over 3 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson
Fintech Course

Fintech for Non-IT Professionals is a 2-day course for those who want to keep up-to-date in the fast changing FinTech scenario and for those who are non-IT professionals, this information will be presented in a clear non-technical terms.

From start-ups all around the world, entrepreneurs are applying their creativity and technical ingenuity all along the financial services value chain. This wave of innovation promises a FinTech revolution that will change financial services for ever. For consumers and business alike there is the promise of vastly improved financial services. Consumers will get more choices and keener pricing. Small and medium sized businesses will gain access to new forms and lines of credit. Banks productivity will increase, transaction costs will come down, operational resilience will be better. All this will lead to a more resilient financial system with greater diversity, redundancy and depth. Most importantly financial services will become more inclusive, while people will become better connected, more informed and increasingly empowered. 

This 2-day unique training course offers a comprehensive introduction to FinTech for Non-IT Professionals, what FinTech is all about and how it is changing financial, banking and commercial systems and the world. 

During the course we will explore FinTech components in terms of a wide range of issues, which include:

· Individual innovation clusters within each function. 

· An analysis of the current state of business models and processes. 

· Examining key innovations in terms of their characteristics and the implications of their use. 

· Look at some current examples of actual innovations. 

· Discuss potential outcomes. 

Who should take this course? 

Senior management, executives or directors within the financial services, banking, and insurance sectors, as well as those working in e-commerce, management consulting, or within a tech startup. Specific roles that would benefit include: tech entrepreneurs, senior business directors, managing directors (specifically CIOs and COOs), senior analysts, senior developers, business unit directors, bankers, product managers, senior software or app developers, business development managers, finance professionals, and digital strategists operating in the finance sector

For further information or to book a seat contact Castille Institute on 20933280 or send us an email on institute@castilleresources.com.