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Castille Courses by Adrian Cutajar

over 3 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson
Castille Institute

Castille Institute will be running a number of courses delivered by Adrian Cutajar.  

Adrian is a Maltese lawyer by profession focusing extensively on corporate law, regulatory and compliance matters. He acts as compliance officer and company secretary for licence holders authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as well as international groups established in Malta. He also acted as company secretary of Global Capital plc., a financial services group (including its Maltese regulated subsidiaries), listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. Adrian holds a doctorate in laws from the University of Malta and a specialisation, at Masters Level, in financial services.

Directors:  Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities - 12 April 2018

This training programme focuses on the office of director, the obligations that arise from such a position and potential liabilities of directors of Maltese companies. This programme outlines the main challenges faced by directors in the boardroom and how these challenges out to be tackled. 

The main aim of the programme is to provide a good and practical understanding of the legal principles relevant to directors of a Maltese company a practical context to each of them through the use of practical examples, references to the Maltese Companies Act (Cap. 386 of the Laws of Malta) and recent case-law. 

The Role of the Company Secretary - 24 May 2018

This one-day course offers an introduction to the core duties of the Company Secretary and is ideal for anyone new to the role or who would like a refresher on the main duties. It explains the events that give rise to a need for some sort of company secretarial action whilst providing company secretaries with the basic tools to ensure that their organisations remain compliant. The course includes some interactive case studies designed to reinforce key topics addressed throughout the day and to illustrate how to make use of the comprehensive practical guidance in the course notes. 

Corporate Governance - 13 September 2018

With the ever-increasing emphasis on corporate governance, boards of public companies, public interest entities and regulated entities are experiencing awareness and greater pressure to become active and involved with their fiduciary responsibilities and exhibit a sound governance culture. Not only are companies concerned with putting appropriate mechanisms in place, but boards must adopt legislative changes, new frameworks, best practices and new attitudes about their decision-making processes and new ways of fulfilling their obligations.

Company Law in Malta - 29 November 2018

This course explores the key principles and concepts behind the legal founding and management of companies in Malta. Using the Companies Act 1995 as the main source of company law, it provides the legal background to the various possible stages a company can go through in its lifetime, from beginning to end. It also looks at the legal obligations a company and the people who run it, face whilst carrying out its everyday business.

Explained in plain language and using practical examples, this course provides enough technical detail for those who require a simple refresher as well as an overview of the major conceptual theories for those delegates looking for a general understanding of company law in Malta.

For further information about the above courses check our Learning Page on www.castilleresources.com.  

Alternately you may give us a call on 20933280 or send us an email on institute@castilleresources.com.