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Employer Branding: recruiting and retaining talent

Employer Branding: recruiting and retaining talent

almost 4 years ago by Christian Xuereb
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"What distinguishes your company culture and employment from your competitors?"

This is one of the key questions that brands nowadays need to answer. A survey conducted with more than 2,500 managers from 1,000 companies, summarises 4 main points of action, that companies need to consider in attracting and retaining best talent:

Targeting the right talent

Creating “persona-oriented profiles” that would resonate well with your target audience. A good example is L’Oreal, who provides employee stories. These stories focus on what is known to be of interest to the specific target audience, such as “innovation-oriented stories for engineers, and more career stories highlighting leadership opportunities for those interested in Sales & Business Development.”

Standing out from the crowd

What makes you great? What is your Unique Selling proposition? Adidas’ beliefs and values, for example, differentiates it from Nike, who is more focused on “individual winners”.

Delivering on your promises

This considers the importance required to evaluate the quality of employees’ working experience. An excellent example of delivering on promises is Google. This is done through the “20% time offered to software engineers to work on projects of their choosing, which Google found promoted greater innovation.” This is beneficial to both employees and employer, as people feel more empowered, and in turn the company gets innovative ideas and products, which could prove to be star products in the long run.

Confronting the facts

Data is playing a crucial role in many areas of business today. This is increasingly relevant to HR and recruitment too. “PepsiCo provides an excellent example of this data-driven approach.” They have conducted research to better understand awareness and preferences of their target audiences. Through analysis, PepsiCo have managed to pinpoint the most important attributes to promote in a local context in particular regions.

In summary, there is still a lot of work most brands need to conduct in order to become an employer of choice. This takes time and requires resources. Nonetheless, the benefits are clear, and in today’s increasingly competitive market, Employer Branding and becoming an employer of choice is becoming progressively more important in the war for talent.

Christian Xuereb is Brand Manager at Castille (www.castilleresources.com)

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