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over 4 years ago by Claire Darmanin
Finance Malta sponsors

Castille, the specialist recruitment agency for Tech, Finance & Executive jobs in Malta, sponsored once again FinanceMalta’s Annual conference. This year, Finance Malta celebrated the 10th conference, ‘Malta’s Financial Services Industry – Taking the Next Quantum Leap‘. The event attracted around 500 delegates.

Exclusive Sponsors

Castille was the exclusive sponsor for the pre-networking event held at the Blue Elephant on Wednesday 17th May. Over 300 local and foreign guests attended the event, including panel speakers, other sponsors and FinanceMalta’s board members. Castille was also present at the main day conference on Thursday 18th May and contributed to the conference with their expertise on IT, Financial and Senior Talent. The Castille 2017 Salary Survey Publication was distributed to all attendees, providing them with invaluable salary information and trends.

The Castille 2017 Salary Survey Publication has become a point of reference for the industry and one can view the full publication by signing in on www.castilleresources.com/en/preview-salary-survey.

Event photos can be viewed on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/CastilleEU/photos/a.1492483767463444.1073741831.1217002721678218/1492483797463441/?type=3&theater

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Christian Xuereb, Brand and Quality Manager on cxuereb@castilleresources.com or (+356) 20 933 220.