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over 4 years ago by Claire Darmanin
Internships Malta

There are many reasons why a recent graduate might not secure full-time employment. They could have a professional cover letter, impressive grades and sound recommendations. However, the quintessential question which features in any interview is ‘What experience do you have?’. The answer to this problem is simply that they need internship.

This problem tends to go one way as current students and recent graduates are looking for experience through internships. Nonetheless, such programmes are very lacking. Internships have become paramount in today’s economy. Graduates with internship experiences in their résumé have a much better chance of landing a full-time position following graduation.

Schools, universities and colleges should thus be pushing students of all majors towards internships, and maybe consider including them in their graduation requirements. These internships give students an edge within today’s job market as well as the necessary exposure before they graduate. Such opportunities for young people have potential benefits ranging from work experience, developing networks, self-confidence and skills on the job that, hopefully, eventually ensure employment.

These intern programmes are beneficial both to candidates as well as those organizations that are investing in these programmes as a channel for sourcing future employees.

Any kind of internship enables an employer to evaluate how an individual would fare in the actual workplace. The outcome of devoting time in training interns with the necessary skills and experience might be immediate as well as forthcoming. Such experiences would give any company the added ability to select a suitable candidate ideal as an employee. These internship programmes are valuable as they allow organizations to fulfil their long term talent acquisition and retention needs.

What should Employees offer?

Employers should consider offering a fulfilling and enriching experience. If they misuse interns by instructing them to do trivial and menial tasks which a typical employee would avoid, then interns would most likely inform their friends about their disappointing experience. Undergraduates seek meaningful internships that lead to full-time employment offers. They want to be challenged, receive guidance and support in their career growth.

What are the benefits for students?

As regards interns, the benefits are endless; besides getting a foot in the door of a potential employer and looking good on a résumé, they have the chance to forge networks and establish relationships with other employees, and who knows, even employers. Most importantly, these internship programmes give any current student and future employee a true taste of the culture they are planning to form part of, and an understanding of what is right or wrong at the place of work.

Castille Internship Program

This is why at Castille we have taken the initiative to help IT, Legal and Financial businesses here in Malta by providing full-time students who are currently attending a college, university or any other qualifying educational institution, pursuing a qualifying degree or certificate. All interns are assessed by Castille on their soft skills and grades when compared to the company’s job description. For the students this is an opportunity to enhance and apply what they learn in their academic setting by working in an organization. It is more than a job; it is a programme which offers students a structured real life work experience.

However, it is of the utmost importance that most work given to interns should be relevant to their area of studies so as to ensure the programme’s success.

A number of students have already decided to participate in this programme, finding the experience “a very positive one”, whilst gaining an understanding of a “...hard-working environment, being part of a team and making a difference even though I am just an intern!” Mr Theuma (Finance 2016 Intern). Ms Ebejer a Law student also mentioned that the internship “is giving me the opportunity to deal with various aspects of the career I wish to pursue in the future”

Through these internship programmes, there is much that can be achieved for both students and organizations if the placement is done correctly at the outset. For all those students out there seeking a pass to the employment world, keep your motivation high, somewhere out there is the right opportunity for you to grow.

As we at Castille always say: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius​