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Become a Castillian

Castille is proud of its unique culture and work environment, and therefore selecting the right people to represent our brand in the market is key.

Human capital is our most treasured asset which we recognise as contributing to our most critical competitive advantage. The values and ethics which set us apart in the market are those of honesty, hard work, uncompromised focus on quality, persistence, consistency, emotional intelligence, and an unwavering thirst to exceed client expectations.

Once in the fold, Castillians enjoy careers where they can expect continuous professional development, clear areas of responsibilities and KPIs, quarterly performance reviews, crystal clear communication lines with their managers, a genuine meritocratic culture of promotions, and a unique stakeholder system where individuals are given the opportunity to grow beyond their individual contribution.

From our end we can guarantee our culture is devoid of internal politics and ego-centric behaviour. Above all the Castillian culture drives on passion and we therefore ensure that each and every Castillian follows the passion lead successfully.

If you feel you have the right fit and skill set, we would love to meet you for a preliminary chat. We are continuously looking for extraordinary people in the following areas across different levels of seniority:

▪ Recruitment consultancy

▪ Brand and product management

▪ Techies in software development, information security, and business intelligence

 Should this be of interest please register on castilleresources.com and forward your CV to brand@castilleresources.com  

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