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Our Ethics

Here at Castille Resources we believe in doing recruitment the right way. We believe in providing a quality service based on strong fundamental values. At the heart of these values is trust and loyalty they form the platform for everything we do.

We also are strong believers that listening to others and forming lasting relationships is key to further development and progress, and it is because of this that we promise all our candidates the following:

Not to headhunt

We promise to only contact people who have asked to be contacted.

To respect your inbox

All members who sign on to our website will only be emailed as and when jobs come in that we feel match your exact career aspirations and goals. The only other time we will contact you is when we have valuable information that is relevant to your job search.

To act in a confidential manner

We know how small the world can be, especially in Malta. That is why we promise to offer a confidential service and to act in a confidential manner at all times.

To listen to your career goals

Our experienced consultants will work closely with you and offer one to one evaluations to ensure we offer the best possible career guidance enabling you to manage each stage of your job application.  

To communicate with you

We strive to keep all candidates in the loop at all times. We pride ourselves in ensuring candidates are aware of what is happening in their recruitment process even if your application isn’t successful on a particular role.



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Castille Resources is a leading IT and Finance recruitment specialist firm working with many of the industry leaders in Malta with a growing portfolio of clients requesting services internationally.

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