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Financial, Technology and Senior Talent Specialist Search and Selection

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Castille Resources is a Recruitment Agency based in Malta and Mauritius, with its primary objective being that of recruiting the best Technological, Financial and Senior Talent in Malta and Europe.

Our unique model is focused around a variety of search and selection methodologies, attracting the best candidates who are sought after in this highly competitive marketplace, to the job vacancies of our clients. Our consultants employ a knowledge driven, rigorous screening process to draw up our recommended candidates for each vacancy.

We pursue talent and make sure recruited candidates are of the right fit for the opportunity presented, to ensure businesses are provided with unrivalled talent. This empowers our client businesses with the best selection of talent from the Maltese and international market to optimise their business. Concurrently, we offer our candidates job opportunities to drive them towards the next step in their career.

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About Castille

Castille Resources is a leading IT and Finance recruitment specialist firm working with many of the industry leaders in Malta with a growing portfolio of clients requesting services internationally.

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