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Top paid banking jobs 10-12-2012

1.    CEO: A seasoned banker and a people person, the Chief Executive Officer of a bank is held accountable for the good and the bad that occurs in the institution and who must report to a board of directors. CEOs must have excellent managerial skills to deal with everyone — from branch managers to the CFO and depending on whether it is an investment or a retail bank, the individual must be an expert in that area.

2.    COO: Ensuring that the operations of the bank run smoothly, the Chief Operational Officer must know the bank inside out and report to the CEO. Methodical and organised, while liaising with the front and back office, the mindset of the COO must be that of a business analyst — one who is proficient in IT and has a thorough knowledge of different topics ranging from tax, market risk and compliance.

3.    CFO: Generally closed off and a number enthusiast, the Chief Financial Officer often starts out as an accountant and grows with experience into this position. Reporting to the CEO, the CFO must also liaise with the following position to delineate the right financial moves for the bank.

4.    Market Risk: A specialist in the financial services sector — often a shortage on our local scene — the Market Risk position entails individuals to distinguish the possible outcomes of a new plan the bank wants to endeavour in.

5.    Head of Compliance: One who can say no to the CEO, the head of compliance is a lawyer by trade who holds the reins of the bank — one who possess substantial responsibility in ensuring the bank is complying with the laws of the regulator, in Malta’s case, with the MFSA.



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