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What are the top 5 IT careers in iGaming? 10-12-2012

Everything is larger than life in the iGaming sector, even the bustling world of technology. At Castille, we have coursed through the job trend scene to list the 5 leading IT careers in iGaming.


Affiliate Manager: Networking is key for this position to generate sales for the company, accordingly, a head start in marketing, as well as knowledge of SEO, are essential. Sometimes, web developers transition to this career when they seek to work at the front end of the site as much as the back.


Online Marketing: Marketing gurus who have a proven track record in contriving successful social media campaigns; are able to drive powerful marketing emails and know how to manipulate the video marketing world while infusing all of these endeavours with good SEO are a shoe in.


Web Developer: iGaming firms require web developers to weave intricate codes that will endow their sites with an ease of accessibility for their clients. Often a shortage on the local scene, web developers who want to enter the world of iGaming must have developed several websites beforehand.


Web Designer: unlike in a normal IT setting, iGaming web designers must be strikingly creative since their work must stop people in their tracks to gamble. Such creative artists often have an obsessive approach to design — tackling different extremes, they must have an extensive portfolio and have been exposed to different industries.


Business Intelligence: for iGaming firms, it is imperative their data is properly maintained. BI cannot be studied — it comes from work experience. One who has an overall knowledge of IT; one who knows how the system, business and reporting (ex. Crystal reports) work and one who has managed large data before will surely be sought after for this emerging career.



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