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Top Tips for Aspiring Developers 10-12-2012

Developers are the new artists of our generation as they create designs for the interactive world and since many puzzled candidates have asked us what they should do to succeed in this field, our IT specialist John Dimech has compiled the top tips for aspiring developers.


1. Specialise in diversity: A developer who can master web designs, work the back-end of the latter through web developing and weave codes effortlessly through web programming will score major points with employers who seek individuals who can create a page from start to finish.

2. Experiment: Before tackling websites, you must experiment with codes through trial and error so that you learn from the mistakes you make while you should get tips from the online community such as Nettuts+ and CSS-Tricks.


3. Connections vs. Order: Rather than getting worked up about which code you should learn first, simply work with what you know and make connections through practice.


4. Portfolio: Regardless of where you got your IT qualifications from, employers want to see your work, so creating websites is a must to provide tangible evidence of your creations.


5. User experience: No matter how complex and aesthetically perfect your website may be, it is crucial all your creations are accessible since people (including your employers) will dismiss a site that is not user friendly.


6.  Constant development: the IT sector is continually creating new trends and you must as well, by working with new programming languages such as Python or Ruby; by experimenting with new layouts, typography and images for your designs and by never allowing yourself to believe that you have learned everything there is to, to be a sought after developer.



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