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Optimising your company with Interim jobs 25-02-2013


The advantages of interim jobs for candidates are significant to enhance their career portfolio but this form of employment can also be of great benefit to employers for their business. Nowadays, our clients come to us demanding we recruit candidates with specialist skills to take on interim jobs for different reasons.


As an employer, you can choose to employ an individual on interim basis with a set fee and for a set time. Recruitment for interim jobs stems from several reasons, including employers wanting such candidates to,


-          deal with special projects;


-          deal with issues the company has no time or resources for;


-          help when there is a management problem;


-          come in and contribute when the company is undergoing expansion, when it is downsizing or just starting up;


-          substitute permanent employees who are temporarily absent;


-          decrease the financial degree of risk that comes from permanent employment;


-           avoid having to employ a person permanently just to fix a temporary issue.


Interim employment in the market is relatively new, nonetheless, the risks of this endeavour prove to be far more low than permanent employment and employers must take full advantage of the path the market is currently taking to render their business productive and efficient.






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