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Ten reasons why you should register with our recruitment agency 15-02-2013
  1. We focus on IT and Financial jobs in Malta and overseas.
  2. More than simply IT and Financial roles, we focus on specialist talent and value the skills that come with these roles.
  3. This means you’ll be dealing with consultants who are knowledgeable in these specialist areas and are able to speak your language.
  4. We conduct a yearly salary survey in Malta analysing IT, financial and senior roles so we know how much your skills are worth and we insist on giving you the salary you deserve.
  5. We can offer you interim posts where you use your expertise to help a company with a project or learn a new set of skills thus enhancing your professional portfolio.
  6. Our clients have a great local, and in many cases, international reputation.
  7. We can offer fresh faced graduates the push they need into the workforce, finding them jobs with renowned companies to kick start their professional career.
  8. We give ‘champions’ of a skill the opportunity to sell their knowledge to company teams through Castille Exchange.
  9. Senior talent looking for a job are treated with discretion and the attention they deserve to transition from one work environment to another effortlessly.
  10. Many of our clients do not advertise their job posts, so we have an inside knowledge of who is hiring.

We care about giving our candidates the career they deserve. Let our recruitment agency help you broaden your career prospects and let us help you find the job you want by registering with us today.



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Castille Resources is a leading IT and Finance recruitment specialist firm working with many of the industry leaders in Malta with a growing portfolio of clients requesting services internationally.

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