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9 ways to make it easier for Castille Consultants to promote you — C.V. edition 11-02-2013

The Castille consultants receive a substantial number of C.V.s on a daily basis being that our job page is updated regularly. While the Castille community is a pool of great talent, some imperfections in the candidates’ C.V.s can sometimes overshadow this. So, here’s a list of how you can improve your C.V. to stand out amid the Castille crowd.


Format — MS word is the best format you can upload your C.V. for our sanity. For the apprehensive candidates who believe we will edit your C.V. in any way, you may save it in PDF format but really, we won’t go there.


The generic C.V. template — we know there are standard C.V. templates for you to follow but think how much more you would stand out if you create your own template. Keep it simple, state your ground and give us a clear picture of yourself in not more than two pages.


The cutesy email address — just think about it, do you want us to refer you to our client with a swt_pixie@... address? This should not be the way you kick start your professional career. Choose a more professional email address, using your name and surname.


Too much information — the key is being concise. We want to know your relevant accomplishments, studies and professions, just as long as it’s to the point.


Order of importance — as stated above, a new job on our site generates a substantial number of applications, inhibiting us from analysing every single application. If you want to stand out then make sure you put the relevant skills first. If we’re seeking a specialist in Java, then make sure your opening statement states this.


Enough with the clichés — at Castille we search for people who are proficient in specialist skills — that’s what we want to see on your C.V. Listing down generic qualities — ‘good communicator, team player, committed’ — feel overused because it is assumed you are.


Spelling mistakes — three words: proofread, proofread, proofread. Ask your mother, your friend, your professor — anyone — as long as they’re a new pair of eyes since you will always miss a mistake and you would be surprised at the amount of mistakes we find. Some of which are even an indication of the candidate’s lack of expertise.


No summer jobs, no hobbies — your 3 month stint working at a local pizzeria will not help you land the software developing post you are aiming for. Also,if you do have extracurricular activities that you deem important, then list them down under interests but remember, it’s always best for employers that your interests reflect your profession.


No smiley’s — we still receive C.V.s with smiley’s — please stop.




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