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The benefits of flexi-time 19-01-2013

Although the primary goal of the Castille Salary Benchmark survey is to provide an insight into the local salary figures, from the study other things have transpired, such as the high priority employees give to flexi-time when choosing their next job. In this efficient modern world, even job hours must adhere easily to our lifestyle, and although work is work, employers ought to consider flexi hours since there are significant advantages for both parties.


Primarily, flexi-time means you will attract more talent to your business since you’re giving employees more freedom to delineate their work schedule according to their lifestyle. Employees are often creatively stunted because in their mind they know they must excel during set hours. Flexi-time also decreases the random hours of leave time taken since people will find more time when they can schedule personal appointments.


Before you implement this flexibility, establish a time span, say between 10.00am and 3.00pm, when it’s mandatory for all employees to be present — this way you can schedule meetings during this time and still maintain control of the work environment.


80% of the employees we surveyed have placed flexi-time at the number 3 spot, right after paid over-time. Employers often fear havoc if they implement flexi-time but it could ultimately be the best decision to improve their business.




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