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Contracting your next talent 16-01-2013

There are times in a company’s life when skilled talent is needed to drive the business to the next level; to inject it with a new set of skills and specifications or simply to provide it with assistance on a project that is beyond the means of its current employees.


Contracting is a revolutionary new way in the professional world where employers can take advantage of the expertise of a talented individual for a specific period of time. The benefits of this work mechanism are vast for the employer and the contractor.


For employers, contracting means they don’t have to restructure their company to accommodate another employee on an indefinite contract; instead they can employ talent at a specific fee for a short period of time to deal with targeted project goals.


Not only will the talent deal with the issue at hand but the highly skilled contractor will as a consequence, give new ideas to the firm, thus increasing business. On the other hand the contractor will be given the opportunity of experience by being plunged in different companies and being faced with different work situations.


The contractor will be given the chance to practice the same specific skills over again which will lead to expertise. More so than that, some individuals crave the sense of instability and enjoy the unexpected by moving from one work environment to the other. 


Castille Resources supports optimum staffing and the cultivation of talent through the Castille Interim product by creating optimal staffing opportunities as it finds highly skilled talent or by providing in-house training for contractors who have the raw skills.


Contracting has welcomed positive reviews from the employers who have used the Castille Interim product, according to the Castille Salary Benchmark survey.





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