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Local companies welcome 2013 with a positive outlook 09-01-2013

The turbulent global economy may have imposed grave consequences in several countries around the world yet this wave of negativity was not reflected in the local business sentiment as our Salary benchmark survey clearly shows.


Once the Castille Salary benchmark publication was finalised, many things were clear, including the fact that 80% of the companies we had interviewed affirmed their plans to expand their headcount in 2013 as they showed confidence in their business and sought talented new employees to sustain their growing businesses.


Had employers not confirmed their plans to add employees to their companies, such an affirmation would have still been confirmed by the salary figures which, in many cases, have increased significantly from 2011 to 2012.


The salary figures, which have grown for several positions such as Accounts Administration, Senior Branch Manager and Compliance Manager to mention a few, have increased across the 2,500 positions of the Banking, Insurance, Corporate Services, Fund management and administration, Software houses, iGaming and Telecoms industries we have surveyed.


Our goal with the Castille Salary benchmark survey is to provide local business owners in these sectors an accurate and contemporary insight of where the local salaries stand. For more information about the publication, please contact us here.



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