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Your best talent will leave you 26-12-2012

As we reviewed our yearly Castille survey, one thing was fairly obvious — 90% of those interviewed were not scared of changing their employment despite the global economic crisis, in fact, all were subject to head hunting in the last 6 months.


At Castille, we’ve started to notice a new trend in the field; unlike before when people worked at the same company for years, even decades, nowadays, it is evident professionals have a big appetite and want to bite into as many different companies to experience multiple challenges so they can grow professionally.


So why will you lose your best talent? You see, professionals need to be engaged ‘emotionally, intellectually and financially’ — you need to endow their work-life with an enticing concoction of challenges and rewards and lose the killer of all professional careers — boredom.


As the old saying goes, “employees don’t quit working for companies, they quit working for their bosses” and with this, we’ll leave you with 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You via Forbes online.




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