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Top 5 skills required by local Insurance Companies 16-12-2012

Local insurance companies offer great job opportunities on our shores to candidates who are still new to the career scene. At Castille, Insurance Companies often ask us to seek out the fresh faced graduates who are willing to storm the Insurance sector.

To make our candidates’ life easier, we have compiled the top 5 skills demanded by the local insurance companies.

1.    ACII: The ideal qualification to possess and a globally recognised certificate, the Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute proves you have studied the theory of this sector by undertaking ten examinations on insurance including topics on business and ethics.

2.    CII: The Chartered Insurance Institute qualification is an industry led accomplishment and it is world renowned as it ensures the individual who takes on such studies has a thorough knowledge of the insurance sector.

3.    Degree: Being in possession of a law degree or having studied accountancy is an added plus for local insurance companies as theory is nowadays rather favoured over experience.

4.    Willingness to learn: Unlike other firms which request a couple of years’ experience, local insurance companies often hunt new graduates who have the theory down, so they can mould them to their company by giving them on the job training.

5.    Experience: Although education trumps experience in this sector, employees are nonetheless always happier when an individual has ticked off the four previous requirements and has the experience to set the ball rolling.



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